Q: When I go to create/edit one of my lab classes in PlatinumPlanner.com, I noticed a new option for “Allow students to create labs”. What does this do?

A: In the past, teachers have had the ability to create a lab session for their students, but students could also create a lab session on their side as well. This meant that a teacher could set up a single lab for every student in their class, mark which lab skills would be covered, and the students would be able to complete the documentation on their end. But they could also allow the students to create the labs for themselves individually, and just choose the skills that they each individually worked on.

However, some users wanted the ability to disable this option for students, so it was just the teacher who would create lab sessions, as they’d sometimes have to chase students down who didn’t document what skills they worked on.

The new checkbox for “Allow students to create labs” is checked by default for every past lab class and for every new lab class created by the school administrators, meaning that both teachers and students can create the labs in their accounts. By un-checking this box though, it will remove this option for students.

We wanted to add this option to lab classes to give educators a little more control over their classes, and to make it easier to see who has not completed their lab documentation yet (so teachers can see a full list of all lab sessions, and what documentation has not been completed yet, rather than just a list of all of the labs that have been created by students, and have to dig around to see which students have not even created their lab yet).

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