Why Replace a Paper Based Scheduling/Skill Tracking System?

by the Sales Team

Accreditation requirements should not be your only reason to adopt an online solution for scheduling and skill tracking. Consider replacing your current paper based system with an efficient and proven scheduling and skill tracking software solution. You have several options and should take the time to review them to see what best fits your needs.

We are confident you will contact us when you are ready to begin saving time and money. Learn how scheduling and skill tracking software beats pencil and paper scheduling, paper forms, and spreadsheets.

Not every institution has the same scheduling and skill tracking needs. Depending on the provider level, the number of students, the types of clinical shifts, and several other factors, student schedules are pieced together by hand in a number of different manners. Skills are tracked on paper and entered into cumbersome spreadsheets one by one by the instructor.

Whether it’s a notebook and pencil, index cards and corkboard, or a spreadsheet and sticky notes, one fact is certain these time consuming options can now confidently move to a simple, reliable software solution that’s specifically designed to meet varying scheduling and skill tracking needs.

What considerations would move you to make the switch to an online scheduling and skill tracking solution? Perhaps it’s one or a combination of the following abilities to:

  • create open schedules in less time
  • ensure shifts are not left vacant and students are not doubled booked
  • free up instructor time for hands on training rather than administrative busy work
  • communicate schedule information more effectively and accurately
  • improve reporting capabilities
  • have an increased confidence in your skills data
  • ensure students are meeting all your graduation requirements
  • save time and money

If you would gain from any of the above, you owe it to yourself to schedule a brief webinar overview to learn how we can help make the difficult easy for you.

Simply contact us and we will schedule a brief webinar overview with you. Act now before you tear open another ream of paper or spend all that time resetting your spreadsheet.