EMS Testing

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EMS Testing

EMSTesting is a cloud-based, online computer adaptive testing solution that delivers content constructed to help ems students prepare for their EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic certifications.

EMSTesting Creation

We developed questions directly from the National Registry Practice Analysis, Educational Standards, and the appropriate curricular objectives from the NHTSA Guidelines. All questions are developed and reviewed by educators, and content experts, as well our own medical director. Questions are coded to Bloom levels and reading levels. Instructors develop examinations based on selected criteria chosen by them. Included within our program is a Medical Director roll to log in and evaluate any or all examinations created whether they are summative or formative. Platinum Educational Group’s Final Comprehensive Exams are blueprinted to mid and higher-level Bloom questions as well as each subtest weighted to follow the National Registry blueprint.


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Highlighted EMSTesting Features

Adaptive Testing
Adaptive Testing is designed to respond to the student taking the test. The difficulty of the next test item is based on the response from the previous test item. Our adaptive testing program continuously tests students until an average assessment of their ability is determined. Adaptive testing is meant to be difficult at times and should not be treated like normal static tests. Questions are picked by difficulty based on your previous questions response. An option to take a timed or untimed test. Timed tests better simulate the National Registry experience and tend to be more stressful. Detailed test reports showing your strengths and weaknesses by content area along with your percentile ranking verses all other test takers. All 7000+ Questions are reviewed monthly for accuracy along with their statistics.
Platinum Secure Testing
The Platinum Secure Testing feature gives Instructors the option to lockdown tests on a students computer or iPad. The iPad Edition of “LockDown Browser” (available free from iTunes) enables a student to use an iPad to take exams that use Platinum Secure Testing enabled tests by instructors in PlatinumTests.
Group Testing
The Group Testing feature gives instructors the ability to select topic material, number of questions and more. Our system generates the test and delivers it to your class. The host reads the questions aloud! Students play the game using smart phones or tablets. The game keeps track of the scores on a leaderboard.
Platinum Attendance Tracking
Platinum Attendance Tracking is an opt-in feature that allows instructors to keep track of student attendance. School Administrators can customize the attendance tracking notifications that students will see on their dashboard and what the instructor can view. The attendance feature is also available on the Platinum Planner student mobile app!
AccredAssist® is an added online feature that assists college program directors with collecting and managing documentation required by an accrediting body to become or remain accredited. This beta feature is available exclusively for Platinum Planner and EMSTesting in the Platinum Dashboard.

What makes EMSTesting’s content valid & defendable?

Each question was originally created based on the National Registry’s Job Practice Analysis and the National Curriculum. Those questions and newer test items have since been cross-referenced to the National Education Standards and latest practice analysis headings. All available and commonly used textbooks and manuals were referenced. When a conflict occurred, common practice or the most appropriate response was used by consensus among the educator team and medical director. The gold standard reference for drug dosages and indications for Platinum has and remains to be the American Heart Association’s guidelines and questions are updated with each AHA science change. Reading levels were assigned and we attempt to keep each question within 2 grades of the expected reading level for each provider. Questions were assigned a Bloom’s level and estimated cut score. Each question includes annotations with rationales to explain why the correct answer is correct and why the good distracters are not correct. All questions have been reviewed for cut scores once over 100 candidates have responded and are adjusted based on actual results and Nedelsky method of calculating cut scores.


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