2017 Student Scholarships for EMS, Nursing, and Allied Health Programs!

Platinum Educational Group understands the struggles and obstacles that are presented to students obtaining higher education in the healthcare industries. In 2015, Platinum Educational Group launched its inaugural scholarships program geared at EMS students. In 2016, the company has expanded its product line to include Nursing and Allied health fields. Platinum is proud to continue offering $1,000 scholarships in each of these industries in 2017.

Platinum’s goal is to provide students entering the EMS, Nursing, and Allied health fields with assistance in funding their education. Nationwide EMS medical educator, paramedic, and Platinum CEO Doug Smith states “With the rising costs of tuition and program fees, it’s an honor to assist others in embarking on the dream of providing needed healthcare services to our communities.”

“Every year this scholarship program grows and positively impacts the learners we serve with our software solutions.” specified Platinum’s COO and co-founder Tom Gottschalk. He also stated, “I am grateful we have the means and methods of support to assist candidates that will become a part of the medical profession in the future.”

See eligibility information below, then Fill out the Scholarship Application Packet!

Certain guidelines must be met to be eligible for the 2017 scholarship offerings:

  • Applicant must be attending a State approved or accredited EMS, Nursing, or Allied Health program.
  • Provide copy of student ID (if your program issues one).
  • Provide copy of a State Identification Card (Ex. State ID or Driver’s License).
  • Letter of Recommendation Form (form provided in application packet).
  • A brief essay (500 words maximum) on what interested you in your field and what your plans are after graduation.
  • Recipients must provide a follow-up photo to Platinum Educational Group if chosen as scholarship awardee.

Scholarship Info:

  • Three Scholarships awarded annually
  • Each Scholarship is for $1,000.00
  • One scholarship awarded per healthcare industry (EMS, Nursing, Allied Health)
  • This is one-time only scholarship per person
  • This scholarship will be decided by a panel of community advocates
  • Deadline is July 14th, 2017, 5:00PM
  • Scholarship money will go directly to awardee’s institution
  • Scholarship will be announced between August 7-12, 2017