Platinum Tests


Platinum Tests is an online, mobile friendly computer adaptive testing program that delivers content constructed to help nursing students prepare for their NCLEX-RN® certifications.

The platform currently has over 3,000 objective based test questions written and reviewed by industry experts in Nursing. Test items are defendable and written at all cognitive levels as well as on a continuum (from easy to more difficult).

PlatinumTests Creation

We integrated the architecture, technology, and experience acquired over 10 years with EMSTesting to release our test prep version for Nursing students. The full program, just like EMSTesting, allows for computer based standardized testing plus real computer adaptive testing that mimics the NCLEX-RN® examination!

We took the necessary steps to making sure that PlatinumTests nursing content is unique and defendable by all academic rigors. Each author was selected based on industry expertise, background, and was required to participate in a test writing workshop before coming on board. We allowed them to select the topic and objectives they preferred to write questions about. Every author was tasked to write the stem (the actual body of the question) and identify a correct answer first. They were then instructed to draft three plausible distractors and the rational for the best answer.

Finally, each test writer had to estimate the reading level of the stem, define blooms taxonomy level and cut score online. While there were no timesheets kept, new content creators and season experts sometimes took 10-60 minutes to create each question before it was reviewed by two editors for syntax and medical accuracy.


Instructors can create, administer, and grade tests online. They can also view, analyze and compare test results in our online grade book feature.

Along with comparing other students in the class or by national averages, instructors can view “Cut Score” averages, “Raw Score” averages, “KR20”, “Confidence Scores” and see most requested objectives for discussion.

The Platinum Secure Testing feature gives instructors the option to lockdown tests in a computer lab or on a student’s computer or iPad.

Students not in a School

Students can take instructor created static tests, or practice for their certification exams using Computer Adaptive Testing.

Student Assessments offer insight into your learning style.

Computer Adaptive Testing mimics real certification exams, varying the difficulty based on the student’s knowledge level.