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Platinum Educational Group has created educational workshops for your school or institution to host. Participants will receive CE credits for attending! Fill out the form below and sign our Workshop Collaboration Agreement to host a workshop!

Due to overwhelming response, our workshop schedule is now full! We will re-open signups at a later date, so please check back or see our monthly newsletter for future availability! If you need information or additional assistance please call us at 616-818-7877.

The Patient is Loaded for Transport, Now What?

This 4-hour session is designed to assist the instructor in preparing the student on what to do, and not do, when transporting the patient after the initial scene management and when life-saving interventions have been completed.

Portfolio Update and Implementation

This 4-hour session has been developed to aid the program director and faculty members of a paramedic program in understanding the portfolio requirements developed by the National Registry. It also helps implement portfolio requirements into their existing programs.

Moulage on a Budget

This four or six-hour workshop is designed to aid the instructor in creating realistic moulage and scenes without costing a fortune. The six-hour workshop provides the same information as the four-hour workshop but with much more practice time.

Recipe for Success

This 8-hour workshop teaches admission assessments that include learning preferences, improving student prerequisites and study habits. It also teaches how to implement a testing and teaching style that is educational and relatable.

The Nuts and Bolts of Meeting Accreditation Requirements

This 8-hour workshop is an essential for any program director or any other individual who must prepare for accreditation. The workshop will look at commonalities in all accreditation standards as well as look at specific nuances and requirements of each of the major accrediting bodies for EMS, Nursing, and Allied Health. We will also provide insight into how to prepare for the initial accreditation as well as site visits and renewals. Finally, we will provide methods to keep track of this in a simplified package that meets these requirements.

Benefits of Electronic Record Keeping and Clinical Tracking

At the conclusion of this session, the participant will be able to: 1. State at least 3 benefits of keeping records electronically. 2. Explain at least 3 benefits of tracking clinical experiences of students electronically.

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